LED programmable PLC multifunction digital voltmeter
OHD194E-9S4R: 96×96mm
OHD194E-2S4R: 120×120mm
OHD194E-3S4R: 80×80mm
OHD194E-AS4R: 72×72mm
LCD multifunction electrical instrument digital panel meter
OH194E-9SY: 96×96mm
OH194E-2SY: 120×120mm
OH194E-3SY: 80×80mm
OH194E-ASY: 72×72mm
Three phase multi-function din rail energy meter
Modular DIN Rail Products offer a wide range of functions to be integrated in electrical installations with significant benefits for the user, we have complete range of DIN-mounted electricity Meters together with communication options.
Panel mounted SCADA 3 phase ammeter and voltmeter
300W modified sine wave inverter
*It's Off Grid, Single Phase.
*Convert DC12V/24V/48V from batteries power into AC100V/110V/120V/220/230/240V power.
*Widely use in household/office, caravan, boat, camping, ambulance, solar project etc.
*Professional manufacturer, OEM/ODM service.
Moving-iron moving-coil portable diesel panel meter
SJ-85L17 Overall dimension:70×40mm
Portable diesel generator use moving-iron moving-coil analog panel meter, this series of instruments directly simulates the display of electrical measurement indications, measure DC current, voltage, AC current, voltage