Genset panels use LED digital smart meter

Item No.: OHD194E-9S4
OHD194E-9S4: 96×96mm
OHD194E-2S4: 120×120mm
OHD194E-3S4: 80×80mm
OHD194E-AS4: 72×72mm
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I.Brief introduction for Genset panels use LED digital smart meter 
The genset panels use LED digital smart meter with active energy, reactive energy, frequency,apparent power,power factor,MODBUS-RTU RS-485 communication interface is a power meter with programmable, display, digital communication and multiple output functions. Through the AC sampling of the voltage and current loops in the power grid, after the arithmetic processing, high-precision measurement and display of three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency and four-quadrant power in the power grid are realized. The instrument has a variety of extended function modules: digital communication module, digital switch module, power pulse module and analog output module, which can be flexibly chosen according to needs. RS485 digital interface can realize the instrument group network communication function; 2 power pulse output and 4 analog (4 ~ 20mA) output functions can realize the power and power output function; The 4-way digital input and 4-way digital output function enable local or remote switching signal monitoring and control output functions ("remote signaling" and "remote control" functions).
II. Genset panels use LED digital smart meter:
◇ Measurement: U, I, P, Q, S, PF and other power parameters of the three-phase power network.
◇ Measurement: active and reactive energy metering.
◇ Display: Programmable 3-row 4-digit LED switching or cyclic display mode, clear display.
◇ Digital communication: RS-485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol, can be used for networking communication.
◇ Power pulse output: 1 way active energy pulse output, 1 way reactive energy pulse output.
III.Optional additional features of genset panels use LED digital smart meter: 
◇ Switching input and output module (additional function): optional 4-way switch status input monitoring and remote signaling, 4 channels (6 square meters for 2 channels) programmable alarm switch output or remote control switch output.
◇ Analog Transmitter Module (additional function): Optional 4 channels (6 square meters for 1 channel) Programmable 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA output for traditional transmitter functions.
IV.Technical instructions of genset panels use LED digital smart meter:

Technical Parameters


Accuracy level

U, I, F is 0.2, P, Q is 0.5, active energy is 0.5, and reactive energy is level 1.

Display method

LCD/LED switching or cycle display (programmable setting)

Power supply

Voltage range

AC,DC 85V~265V

Power consumption


Input measurement


Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire

Rated value

Voltage: AC100V, 400V; Current: AC1A, 5A (When ordering, should indicate the voltage and current ratio.)


Continuous: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 times voltage (10 seconds), current 10 times (5 seconds)

Power consumption

Voltage loop power consumption <1VA (per phase)    Current loop power consumption <0.4VA (per phase)


Voltage loop impedance >200kΩ; current loop impedance <20mΩ



Energy measurement

Positive and negative active energy, reactive energy measurement

Extended function

Digital communication interface

Standard configuration one RS485 interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol; optional PROFIBUS-DP interface or CANBUS interface

Pulse output (standard)

2 channel energy pulse output (collector open photocoupler output)

Analog output (optional)

4-channel DC4~20mA analog transmission output (LCD and 6 square meter(83*83*92mm) for 1 way output)

Discrete input(optional)

4-way discrete input, dry contact mode

Discrete output(optional)

Relay output of 4 way normally open contacts(LCD and 6 square meter(83*83*92mm) for 2 way output),Relay contact capacity: AC220V/5A

Working environment

-10~60°C, relative humidity ≤93%, no corrosive gas, altitude ≤2500m

Isolation withstand voltage

Withstand voltage between power supply/input/output >2kV

Overall dimensions

42 square:120*120*84mm; 96 square:96*96*100mm; 6 square:83*83*92mm

Hole Size

2(42 square):111*111mm; 9(96 square):91*91mm; 3(6 square):76*76mm

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OH194E-9S4: 96×96mm
OH194E-2S4: 120×120mm
OH194E-3S4: 80×80mm
OH194E-AS4: 72×72mm
OH194E-DS4: 48×48mm
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OH194E-9S4B: 96×96mm
OH194E-2S4B: 120×120mm
OH194E-3S4B: 80×80mm
OH194E-AS4B: 72×72mm
OH194E-DS4B: 48×48mm
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OHD194E-9S4R: 96×96mm
OHD194E-2S4R: 120×120mm
OHD194E-3S4R: 80×80mm
OHD194E-AS4R: 72×72mm
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