Energy-efficient control panels use LED multifunctional ammeter

Item No.: OH194E-9S4
OH194E-9S4: 96×96mm
OH194E-2S4: 120×120mm
OH194E-3S4: 80×80mm
OH194E-AS4: 72×72mm
OH194E-DS4: 48×48mm
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I.The brief introduction of energy-efficient control panels use LED multifunctional ammeter
The Energy-efficient control panels use LED multifunctional ammeter is an ideal device for power quality monitoring. The meter has the function of simultaneously measuring current, voltage, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, electric energy, power factor, etc. in the power grid. It is suitable for distributed detection of transformers, generator sets, capacitor banks and motors, and on-site monitoring of power grids and automation control systems. Energy-efficient control panels use LED multifunctional ammeter with CE certificate.
Multi-function power meters can also be used in factory automation and building automation. It can measure all the power parameters, and can be easily applied to the measurement and data recording of AC-opening and industrial power supply distributed measurement and control systems of various ranges. On the basis of our company's multi-function power meter, a simple monitoring system can be established by simply adding a central communication master display software based on IPC industrial computer.
Multi-function power monitor can replace many traditional panel or digital measuring instruments (such as ammeter, voltmeter, power meter, power factor meter, frequency meter, etc.), which can greatly reduce system cost, facilitate field wiring and improve system reliability. . The multi-function power monitor is equipped with a serial port (RS-485), which allows connection to an open-structure computer network; the Modbus-RTU communication protocol is used to facilitate computer programming or reading.
II.The main technical parameter of energy-efficient control panels use LED multifunctional ammeter
Performance Parameter
Input measurement display Network Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire
Voltage Rated value AC100V/220V/380V/500V
Overload Continuous: 1.2 times
Instantaneous: 2 times / 1S
Power consumption <1VA(Per phase)
Impedance >500KΩ
Accuracy 0.5
Current Rated value AC1A/AC5A
Overload Continuous:1.2 times
Instantaneous:10 times/5S 
Power consumption <0.4VA(Per phase)
Impedance <2mΩ
Accuracy Class 0.5
Frequency 40-60Hz  Accuracy:0.1Hz
Power Active, reactive, accuracy:1.0
Electric energy Active power accuracy class:1.0 Reactive power accuracy class:1.0
Display  Programmable switching (LED) display
Power supply Power supply range AC220V or A/DC80V~260V
Power consumption ≤2VA
Output Digital interface RS-485、MODBUS-RTU protocol
Pulse output 2 way energy pulse output
Environment Working environment -30~50℃  RH20%~90%(No condensation)
Storage environment -45~75℃  RH20%~90%
Security Power frequency withstand voltage 2KV/1min  AC Valid value
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ
III.Functional module of LED multifunctional ammeter
*Communication interface: standard 1 channel RS-485 communication, Modbus-RTU protocol Baud rate: 9600bps
*Switching output: support 4 relay outputs, capacity: AC250V/5A, DC30V/5A
*Digital input: support 4 dry node inputs
*Transmission output: support 4 way ANA outputs, 4-20mA/0-20mA or 0-5/0-10V
*Power pulse output: 1 active energy, 1 reactive energy pulse output, constant: 3200imp
IV.Apperance and dimension of LED multifunction ammeter

V.Meter's signal wiring
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OH194E-9S4B: 96×96mm
OH194E-2S4B: 120×120mm
OH194E-3S4B: 80×80mm
OH194E-AS4B: 72×72mm
OH194E-DS4B: 48×48mm
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OHD194E-9S4: 96×96mm
OHD194E-2S4: 120×120mm
OHD194E-3S4: 80×80mm
OHD194E-AS4: 72×72mm
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OHD194E-9S4R: 96×96mm
OHD194E-2S4R: 120×120mm
OHD194E-3S4R: 80×80mm
OHD194E-AS4R: 72×72mm
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