Ouhan Trade's digital meter frequently asked questions

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Update time : 2019-03-08 10:46:37

Q:1. Does your meter need to add a current transformer when measuring current?
A: It depends on different condition. When the meter’s input current is 1-5A voltage 0-380V, then no need to add CT(current transformer). While more than this rated value, then required an additional transformer.

Q:2. What size transformer should I use?

A: The meter’s current measurement range is AC0-5A(market instrument standard). For example, if the current range you need to measure is AC 0-100A, then you need to buy a 100/5A CT. The principle is: If current input terminal is AC0-100A, which is reduced by 100/5=20 times via the CT, then the current through the meter is AC 0-5A, the meter can set the current ratio CT to 20, which is 20 times magnification. This will restore the actual input current to the display.

Q:3. Still need to power the meter?

A: Needed, it is the same as our household appliances, can work after power-on, 220V household appliances is ok, if you have no such voltage, then working range between 85-270V is also ok.

Q:4. How about the reliability of the meter?

A: All of our meters primary yield exceed 99%. All products have been aged for 72 hours before they leave factory, and the automatic measurement by the computer is accurate.

Q:5. What is alarm mean?

A: Alarm is the relay control output and the output switching signal. For example, current upper limit alarm, when the setting current exceeds a certain value, it will automatically tripping, which can effectively protect the equipment from damage.

Q:6. Can three-phase three-wire be used here?

A: Yes, it could be. Our meters default setting is three-phase four-wire, can modify the wire system by manual setting. We can also set it for you before leaving factory.

Q:7.Does the baud rate can be modified?

A: Baud rate 9600 is most commonly use, and can be modified to 4800, 2400. However, a baud rate 9600 is recommended.

Q:8. I don’t know how to install it, can you provide technical support?

A: Of course, we have professional engineers who can provide you professional technical guidance in your pre-selection and post-installation process.